Fly Like You Live With Aspire Portable AirMail

 - February 23, 2011, 5:15 AM

From EMS Aviation comes Aspire Portable AirMail, a device that operators can bring with them aboard the aircraft.

Weighing just three pounds, Aspire is used specifically for sending and receiving e-mails in flight, “to help operators and passengers fly like they live,” according to the Atlanta-based mobile connectivity specialist.

The system is not permanently installed on the aircraft but is carried on as required and connected to the aircraftπs existing Iridium antenna. Once connected, up to four passengers can send and receive e-mail. And because permanent installation is not required, an operator can simply carry the device from airplane to airplane, retaining connectivity on each flight, providing the pilot-in-command approves its use.

Aspire is designed to take advantage of low-bandwidth devices, such as BlackBerrys and iPhones, says v-p and general manage John Jarrell. “Its portability makes it ideal for Iridium antenna-equipped fixed-wing or helicopter operators who want in-flight e-mail without modifying the aircraft.”

The system will be available in this yearπs second quarter.