- February 25, 2011, 11:30 AM

The recently opened FBO at Vermont’s Burlington International Airport was awarded Leed gold status last month by the U.S. Green Building Council based on the design, construction and operation of the high-performance environmentally friendly building.

Opened in January 2010, the facility houses the company’s three business units: private air charter and aircraft management, airframe and avionics maintenance and the FBO. “The Leed gold certification of an aviation company highlights an area where our industry can contribute to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability and specifically demonstrates our company’s commitment to these values,” said Christopher Hill, Heritage Aviation president.

The company was lauded for its use of environmentally friendly building strategies, including on-site solar and wind energy generation, a 30,000-gallon rainwater harvesting/storage system to supply landscape irrigation and airplane-washing needs, a porous concrete parking lot and a “bio-swale” storm water treatment area. Other structural strategies include a thermally improved building envelope with air-sealing, a vegetated green and white roof to minimize absorption of unwanted solar heat, skylights and lighting dimming and the use of LED lighting in the parking lot and building interiors.