AvFab Wins EASA STC for ‘Traveler’ Seats

 - February 26, 2011, 12:15 PM

Aviation Fabricators of Clinton, Mo., received EASA and FAA STC approval for the new “Traveler” upgrade of its Air Econo high-density seats for the King Air. Like the Air Econo seats, a King Air B300 reconfiguration will allow a total of 15 passengers in what is typically an 8- to 11-passenger cabin. The design of the Traveler seat allows more passenger legroom and is slightly more comfortable on longer hauls. And like the Air Econo seats, the Traveler comes with a one-year warranty and available options such as head rest, aisle-side armrest, and a sidewall/arm ledge panel for outboard armrest. According to AvFab, no airframe modification is necessary for the addition of either Traveler or Air Econo high-density seats.