Greenpoint's BBJ Business Is Ramping Up

 - February 26, 2011, 5:15 AM

Greenpoint Technologies of Kirkland, Wash., has ordered the CTT Systems Cair cabin humidification package for installation in a BBJ3 this spring/summer. The Nykoping, Sweden-based firmπs Cair provides a relative cabin humidity of about 20 percent, compared with the typical 3- to 5-percent humidity.

It is the first Cair system to be installed by Greenpoint on an executive aircraft, and the first Cair system to be installed in a BBJ, according to Greenpoint.

"The market for large VIP aircraft is picking up momentum after a slower period due to the financial recession, and several aircraft have recently been placed or will be placed in the near future," said Ulf Lijenberg, CTT v-p of sales and marketing.

Also at Greenpoint, the center recently delivered ahead of schedule a BBJ major modification program for an unidentified customer and is on schedule for a full interior completion of another BBJ for the same client.