Pats Aux Fuel System for 757-200 Approved

 - February 27, 2011, 9:55 AM

Pats Aircraft Systems received STC approval for an additional configuration of its Boeing 757-200 auxiliary fuel system. The system has already been installed, tested and certified in a four-tank configuration. The new stand-alone modular tank system, which is installed in the forward and aft lower cargo compartments, complements a previously approved six-tank configuration. As with all Pats auxiliary fuel systems, the installed STC kit feeds the aircraftπs integral fuel tanks and operates independently, allowing the system to be active or inactive, based on mission requirements. The newly approved system complies with all FAA regulations, including the SFAR 88 and structural margin Airworthiness Directives issued against previous 757-200 systems. In related news, Pats expects to obtain certification of an eight-tank AFS for BBJs by midyear.