Pink ATR Promotes Breast Cancer Awareness

 - March 27, 2011, 1:40 PM

Brazilian regional airline Azul took delivery last month of an ATR 72-200 painted in pink, in recognition of breast cancer awareness. The fourth of eight

-200 Series airplanes Azul plans to lease while it awaits delivery of its first new ATR 72-600 in October, the aircraft bears the logo of Femama, a Brazilian nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting the disease. ATR and the suppliers involved in the organization of the delivery have pledged to contribute funds to the Toulouse Cancer Campus to finance a breast cancer promotion campaign during the next edition of “Pink October,” an annual international awareness event. Azul has placed a firm order for 20 new ATR 72-600s.

Upon the ATR’s arrival in Brazil, Azul conducted its own one-week breast cancer awareness campaign, during which it promoted breast cancer screening and taught self-examination procedures at various Brazilian airports. The initiative included conferences given by Femama volunteers and distribution of brochures available on board the aircraft.

Known as La Ville Rose, or the pink city, the French town of Toulouse hosts ATR’s headquarters and the center of excellence for cancer research. In fact, Azul named the airplane La Ville Rose, and all female personnel of ATR, Femama’s president and women representatives of local and regional institutions attended the special event.