Garmin Moves into Full Helicopter Suites with G1000H

 - March 28, 2011, 3:45 AM

A year after announcing a move into the helicopter market with its G500H glass panels, Garmin International revealed the G1000H system at last month’s Heli-Expo show. Like the G500H, the G1000H features an attitude heading reference system (AHRS) redesigned for helicopter dynamics, including the ability to align while in motion, in-flight dynamic restarts and helicopter maneuvering. At the show, Bell Helicopter displayed its new 407GX with the G1000H system installed.

Screens are available in 10- or 12-inch sizes for the multifunction and primary flight display, while a 15-inch MFD is also available. The MFD and PFD are fully reversionary, and buyers can opt for single or dual AHRS. The G1000H also includes an integrated mode-S transponder and digital audio control system, and the system can display engine operating and system data. The transponder can interface with Garmin traffic information service transponders and ADS-B transceivers.

The G1000H is a Part 27 VFR system, but pilots will appreciate the optional helicopter synthetic vision technology (HVST), which shows a “3-D view” of the outside world on the PFD, including terrain, obstacles, land, water and sky. The optional helicopter terrain avoidance and warning system (HTaws) warns about potential obstacle and terrain threats with graphical and audible alerts. Other options include Garmin’s forward-looking terrain avoidance system, XM WX and radio, TAS or Tcas I traffic, Iridium datalink, data logger and Garmin’s new GMA 350H digital audio panel.