Coalition Formed To Protect GPS Integrity

 - March 30, 2011, 2:10 PM

Representatives from a wide variety of industries, companies and associations, including AOPA and GAMA, have joined together to form the Coalition To Save Our GPS to resolve a “serious threat” to GPS. According to the group, this threat stems from a recent decision by the FCC to grant a conditional waiver to LightSquared “allowing the expansion of terrestrial use of the satellite spectrum immediately neighboring that of GPS, potentially causing severe interference to millions of GPS receivers.” In testimony before the House subcommittee on commerce, justice and science appropriations on March 11, Jim Kirkland–Trimble Navigation vice president and general counsel, as well as a founding member of the Coalition to Save Our GPS–drew an unequivocal line in the sand. “LightSquared must bear the costs of preventing interference emanating from its devices,” he stated, “and if there is no way to prevent interference, it should not be permitted to operate.”