Gulfstream Launches In-Flight Support Center

 - March 30, 2011, 5:30 AM

Gulfstream Aerospace opened an in-flight support center, the centerpiece of which is three FlightSafety International-built flight-deck simulators that can mirror what is happening in flight. The tools available in the center will help GulfstreamÕs technical operations department–which runs a 24/7 call center with more than 40 technical and system specialists–troubleshoot in-flight situations faster. The three cubicle-sized simulators in the in-flight support center feature 10 to 12 LCD touchscreen monitors with displays of the aircraftÕs cockpit, instrument panel and pedestal. Currently, Gulfstream has one graphic simulator for PlaneView-equipped jets, one for classic GIV/GVs and one for midsize Gulfstreams.