XM Weather Comes to the iPad

 - April 27, 2011, 5:05 AM

Baron Services, the company that provides XM WX services, introduced an iPad Mobile Link plug-in gadget (introductory price $199.99) that lets compatible iPad apps display XM WX while airborne. Shipments start next month. The company hasn’t revealed subscription prices for XM WX via Mobile Link, but did say that Nexrad radar, satellite imagery, Metar, Taf, TFR, winds aloft, Airmet and Sigmet weather data will be available. Garmin was the first to announce a Mobile Link-compatible iPad app, Pilot My-Cast, and according to Baron Services, other companies are working on iPhone apps that will work with Mobile Link. Baron expects developers to make Mobile Link also work with other mobile operating systems, including Android. Pilots will need to buy the Mobile Link device and an XM antenna and receiver to access XM WX products on mobile devices.