Crystal Cabin Awards Honor Innovative Designs

 - April 29, 2011, 10:30 AM

The Crystal Cabin Awards are given annually in six categories and a public ceremony in the main exhibitor hall traditionally kicks off the three-day Aircraft Interiors Expo. A total of 52 entrants representing 21 countries were pared down to 21 finalists. The winners were:

Ÿ The IMS Company of Brea, Calif., in the entertainment and communication category for its new Rave embedded in-flight entertainment system. It has just two part numbers–one a system control box and the other a self-contained, autonomous seat display unit that is the point of content storage, storage functionality and playback.

Ÿ Recaro of Kaiserslautern, Germany, in the industrial design/interior concept category for its skinnier, lighter BL3520 seat. It provides the passenger 1.7 inches of additional leg room, weighs just 24 pounds and is already in 21 layouts with five airlines.

Ÿ Recaro, in the passenger comfort category for its SkyCouch three-abreast seat arrangement. Air New Zealand is already selling the economy seating arrangement, typically to families who will buy two seats at full fare and get the third for half-off. With the leg rests for all three seats in full-up position, a wide platform for sleeping is created.

Ÿ Elektro Metall of Ingolstadt, Germany, in the green cabin, health and safety category for its sensor-operated no-touch waste bin flap designed to create a more hygienic lavatory interior.

Ÿ Lufthansa Technik of Hamburg, Germany, in the material and components category for its lighter, thinner and more durable galley floor emergency lighting. Lufthansa Technik says the new product has no life limit and is 50-percent smaller than the old strips.

• Munich University of Applied Sciences of Munich, Germany, in the university category for its “Airgonomic” interior design concept. Primarily an economy-class creation, the concept emphasizes a total seat redesign that includes gel pads that switch automatically from hard state for takeoff and landing to soft for a more comfortable ride in flight.