EASy II Pricing

 - May 26, 2011, 4:10 AM

Dassault Falcon declined to release pricing information on EASy II and its optional features. However, AIN contacted a Falcon 900 operator who is planning on upgrading to EASy II, and he provided some preliminary pricing that he was given for budget-planning purposes. The approximately $1.1 million total breaks down as follows:

• Base EASy II upgrade, including a Pentium M microprocessor upgrade, FMS v7.1, takeoff mode, second electronic checklist, Waas GPS sensor, RNP 0.3 AR capability, SmartRunway (Raas): $71,440

• SmartView synthetic vision: $375,176

• Auto descent mode: $105,632

• XM WX:  $75,440

• Fans 1/A-compliant CPDLC:  $171,264

• ADS-B out: $86,720

• Enhanced nav Waas LPV and RNP 0.1: $197,720