SR Technics Opens Completion Center in Zurich

 - May 28, 2011, 9:10 AM

SR Technics, best known for its maintenance, repair and overhaul business of 80 years, is expanding into the private aviation cabin completion and refurbishment business.

The Zurich-based company has already opened a 55,666-square-foot (4,800-square-meter) dedicated hangar facility at its Zurich Airport site and has nearly 30 employees–most with extensive cabin outfitting experience–engaged in back-shop work. The core team is being supported from among 2,800 engineers and skilled technicians in SR Technics’ MRO business.

SR Technics’ new facility was expecting to receive its first client aircraft for an interior completion last month.

The center plans to focus primarily on single- and twin-aisle airliner conversions to executive/VIP configuration, from the Boeing Business Jet to the Airbus A340. The hangar will accommodate as many as three single-aisle aircraft or a single A340-300. According to an SR Technics spokesman, other hangars in the complex are capable of holding up to three Boeing 747s simultaneously. While concentrating on big-body airliner conversions, the center is also prepared to cater to any aircraft type.