Gulfstream enhances airborned product support program

 - May 29, 2011, 2:35 PM

Geneva-based MasterJet recently took possession of an Airbus A320 conversion by Fokker Aircraft Services. FAS converted the aircraft from airline to executive configuration and included many custom-made features such as Direct View.

When the A320 airliner arrived at the FAS facility in Woensdrecht, Netherlands for the conversion, the interior had to be completely stripped down and everything from wiring, isolation, monuments, partitions and seats was designed and fitted according to the customer’s requirements, including 24-karat gold door knobs. In total, five cabins were installed, including a private suite with bedroom,  bathroom and office; a conference and dining area; separate executive lounge; and special first-class seating area.

“Typically to comply with regulations it would have been necessary to situate a crewmember in each cabin to monitor passengers during taxi, takeoff and landing. With the complexity of the interior, that would have been both uneconomical and impractical,” said Eric Cuppen, director of aircraft completions and conversions. To solve the problem, Fokker engineers designed and built Direct View–a visual system that allows one flight attendant to monitor passengers seated in every cabin, thereby complying with EASA requirements.