Hubbard Gulfstream GII/III Hushkit OK’d by EASA

 - June 27, 2011, 5:25 AM

The EASA certified the Hubbard Aviation Technologies QS3 hushkit system for the Gulfstream II, IISP, IIB and III as meeting Chapter 3 noise requirements. The certification means that QS3-equipped Gulfstreams have “unrestricted access to Europe’s leading business airports,” according to the company. “The QS3-equipped Gulfstream can take off at maximum gross weight using Gulfstream-approved flap settings with no reduction of EPR.” The QS3 system is the only hushkit certified by the EASA for the older Gulfstream jets. The Hubbard QS3 hushkit modification adds 370 pounds to the Gulfstream’s weight and is calculated to cause a 2-percent drop in range. The kit retails for $1.5 million, and Hubbard Aviation has kits ready to install at Aeroshear Aviation Services in Van Nuys, Calif.