Jet Falcon Cabin Refurb Is in Fashion

 - June 29, 2011, 3:15 AM

A new Jet Falcon cabin interior refurbishment program for the Falcon 2000 is not only fashion forward, but also timely in terms of market demand.

In fact, Jet Aviation in Basel has already outfitted more than 120 Falcon 2000s in executive fashion. And as those and hundreds of other Falcon 2000s come due for inspections and upgrades, Jet Aviation expects to see customers planning a cabin refurbishment during that downtime.

The Jet Falcon refurbishment program was introduced in late 2010, and at the Ebace show in Geneva in May, Jet Aviation was showing a cabin mockup to promote the idea.

The program offers three distinct cabin interior upgrade options–Classic, Style and Fashion–“all of which are designed to ensure cost-effective cabin refurbishment, while reflecting customer style preferences and minimizing down time.”

Based on a customer request, Jet Aviation has also introduced an extension for the right-hand table on the Falcon 7X, “to make it more conducive to working and dining.”

The extension fits over the existing table and reduces the space between the number-three seat and the table. The extension mounts securely and can be finished to match the existing table. It is also hinged to allow passengers to get up and into the aisle without first removing the extension. The underside of the table is padded to prevent damage to the original table surface.