Amsterdam’s Airport Gets New GA Terminal

 - July 26, 2011, 5:10 AM

Schiphol Airport’s new terminal, which will serve the needs of the more than 4,500 business jets and GA aircraft that frequent the airport annually, opened last month. Located in Schiphol-East, the new terminal replaces Building 106, which had accommodated the airport’s GA activities for the past several decades. The new multifunction building features nearly 11,000 sq ft (1,000 sq m) of terminal and lounge space and more than 40,000 sq ft (4,000 sq m) of offices. The new structure incorporates several green technologies, including presence-activated lighting and ventilation systems and daylight-activated lighting. The main occupants of the new building are handling agents KLM Aviapartner and Jetsupport. Other tenants include aviation service providers Jet Netherlands, Aerodynamics, Solid Air and Nayak.