Avidyne Intros new mode-S ADS-B transponder

 - July 27, 2011, 12:41 PM

Avidyne announced a new mode-S transponder that will make upgrading to ADS-B out capability much simpler. The new AXP340 mode-S transponder is a slide-in replacement for the popular Bendix/King KT76A and KT78A Mode A/C transponders. Retailing for $5,995, including connector kit and mounting tray but not antenna, the AXP340 will be available early next year, in plenty of time to meet the 2020 ADS-B out mandate.

Key features of the AXP340 include direct-entry numeric keypad, one-touch VFR code entry, stopwatch and flight timers, altitude alerter, pressure altitude and GPS lat/long readout and flight ID entry. The AXP340 is panel-mounted and is a Class 1 (240-Watt) mode-S, Level 2 1090 MHz datalink transponder with extended squitter. Adding ADS-B functionality requires some more wiring, according to Avidyne. Full ADS-B out and in capability is now available from Avidyne, by installing the AXP340 and TAS600A Traffic Advisory System, which displays ADS-B signals from ground radar and other 1090 MHz ADS-B out-equipped aircraft. The TAS600A also displays targets from non-ADS-B-equipped aircraft.