Where’s Rupert?

 - July 29, 2011, 12:10 PM
News America makes extensive use of its corporate jets–this BBJ, shown here, a G550 and a GIV–according to the WSJ Jet Tracker. This year The Wall Street Journal waged a high-profile campaign against business aviation.

One can only speculate about whether or not Rupert Murdoch had any role in or opinion about the vigor with which his Wall Street Journal has launched into tabloid-style exposé of high-ranking executives’ personal use of corporate aircraft at companies other than his own now globally infamous News Corp.

However, AIN’s research into the movements of Murdoch’s corporate jets, using his own WSJ “Jet Tracker” online snooping tool, reveals what can only be described as a heaping helping of hypocrisy. Jet Tracker reveals that Murdoch’s BBJ, G550 and GIV have spent a significant portion of their downtime on the ramps of airports serving some of the world’s most desirable playgrounds.

Perhaps this will change after the revelations that have occupied so much coverage worldwide by the slathering scribes of the non-Murdoch media since summer arrived in the northern hemisphere.

One fallout event was the July 15 “resignation” of Les Hinton, CEO of the WSJ’s parent, Dow Jones. Hinton ran Murdoch’s British tabloids during the time of the burgeoning international phone hacking and police bribery scandal that now threatens to send a variety of Murdoch’s current and former employees to prison and will likely cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars in civil settlements and fees.

Last month that controversy permanently derailed Murdoch’s long-coveted attempt to acquire the majority interest in Britain’s BSkyB satellite broadcasting company after British officials declared him “unfit” to do so. Since June through mid-July, News Corporation stock had lost nearly 20 percent of its value.