Sandel HeliTaws Approved for Bell 412EP

 - July 31, 2011, 11:40 AM

The FAA issued an STC for installation of Sandel’s HeliTaws on the Bell 412EP. According to Sandel, “This announcement supplements an agreement Sandel has with the FAA designating Part 27 and Part 29 helicopters operating under Part 91 or Part 135 as candidates for field approval installation of the ST3400H HeliTaws unit, providing for simplified installation under the guidelines in FSAW 02-03A.” The ST3400H HeliTaws features Sandel’s WireWatch wire-strike avoidance system, which uses a database of known wires, guylines and transmission towers to help pilots avoid wire strikes. The ST3400H also includes Sandel’s TrueAlert technology, which reduces the triggering of nuisance alerts.