More Nations Join U.S. in Fight against EU-ETS

 - August 31, 2011, 8:05 AM

With the U.S., Australia, Canada and China having expressed objections to the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS), now China and Russia are said to be soliciting other nations to help oppose the European plan.

According to China Daily, China will not comply with the EU demands and will take legal action at a future date against the plan. The newspaper quoted Chai Haibo, deputy secretary-general of the China Air Transport Association (CATA), as saying the EU-ETS is “radically unreasonable” and the association is not going to follow it or apply for an exemption.

Chai said CATA and Air China, the country’s flag carrier, will jointly file a lawsuit against the plan in Germany, but the time of the action has not been decided. The U.S. Air Transport Association has a case pending before the European Court of Justice, with a preliminary finding scheduled for early October.

A business aviation law blog from the New York City law firm Sullivan & Worcester said that Steve Ridgway, chairman of the Association of European Airlines and CEO of Virgin Atlantic, and Tom Enders, chief executive of Airbus, warned that including the aviation industry in the emissions trading system would create a trade conflict with the world’s major economic and political players.

International Airlines Group CEO Willie Walsh has voiced concerns that Chinese, American and Russian governments will retaliate if forced to participate in ETS. And the U.S. House of Representatives has proposed a bill that would expressly prohibit U.S. air carriers from participating.