BaySys Moves To Ku-Band Broadband

 - October 5, 2011, 12:10 AM

Independent completion and refurbishment center BaySys Technologies of Melfa, Va., has concluded that service over a Ku-band satellite system “provides a significant service improvement for its customers as compared to the Inmarsat-based data solutions.”

BaySys is therefore developing a solution to integrate the Ku-band satellite antenna system into its aircraft offerings for cabin communication service.

BaySys claims the integrated package will provide greatly improved voice, video and data services, with IP connectivity measured in “tens of megabytes.” The company also believes it will eliminate at least one large antenna installation that had previously been required.

According to director of certification Nick Olmsted, this system is simpler to install than previous ones. It also offers a much better package than previous systems for voice, video and data, he says, because it offers a huge bandwidth IP pipe and services available are “inherently upgradable.”