Otonomy Offers Answers To Ground Security

 - October 5, 2011, 12:40 AM

As more and more business and private jets travel farther abroad, often to airports where ground security is minimal at best and nonexistent at worst, Otonomy Aviation has a growing line of solutions.

The company, based in Bourdeaux, France, recently launched Parabellum, a wireless security system for parked aircraft. The system integrates a new range of 1080i high-definition digital cameras (CamHD) and provides a security perimeter around the aircraft into which any intrusion or impact will trigger an alarm.

A dedicated camera records video of the area and allows the operator to view the footage from any remote computer, a smartphone through the GSM/3G network, or via an optional satellite connection.

According to Otonomy, Parabellum has a battery life of more than 30 days and the video event storage has a 300-hour capacity. The stand-alone Parabellum box weighs slightly more than 11 pounds.

The CamHD 1080i high definition cameras were introduced earlier this year at Ebace. CamHD provides up to eight HD-SDI 1080 NTSC and Ethernet H264 signals to any in-flight cabin entertainment system or cockpit display. At the same time, video can be pushed to a Wi-Fi-connected electronic tablet, such as the iPad, thanks to a dedicated wireless link.

Powered directly by the aircraft’s 28-volt DC power source and connected to the in-flight entertainment system, each camera can be used as a stand-alone unit as a means of simplifying installation and reducing embedded weight.