Chromalloy Renovates San Diego Repair Center

 - November 1, 2011, 9:00 AM
Chromalloy has moved its El Cajon activities to its renovated repair center at San Diego.

Chromalloy has opened its newly renovated turbine engine repair center and service depot in San Diego. The expanded and remodeled engine center now offers turbine parts repair and overhaul, leasing services, workscope management and module refurbishment.

 According to the company, the 110,000-sq-ft facility features the only engine test cell on the West Coast that provides monitoring and evaluation for JT8D engines.

The renovation has also allowed the company to relocate the equipment and work from its El Cajon service center and consolidate it in the new facility. Chromalloy invested approximately $1 million to renovate, equip and modernize the service center and has moved the El Cajon employees to the San Diego campus.