DAC Device Ports Aircraft Data to iPads

 - November 4, 2011, 4:30 PM

Greenwich AeroGroup subsidiary DAC International has created what it says is an “industry first” interface unit that connects a tablet computer such as an iPad with aircraft power and data. DAC’s GDC64 is certified for use on Part 25 business jets and approved to connect to any of the aircraft’s 28-volt power busses. With four Arinc 429 input ports, the unit can provide huge amounts of data to the iPad or other tablet computers. DAC vice president of sales Francisco Hernandez explained that the company created the GDC64 to cater to the increasing use of tablet computers in the cockpit. The unit is designed to protect the lithium-ion battery in tablet computers, and the Arinc 429 inputs enable isolation of the tablet from critical aircraft systems while making data available to apps running on the tablet. The GDC64 is scheduled for delivery early next year.