Safe Flight Adds Speed Controls, Autothrottles

 - December 5, 2011, 12:30 PM

Safe Flight Instrument is celebrating its 65th anniversary with several new programs, including a speed-control system for the Cessna 400 and 208, Lancair Evolution, Quest Kodiak and Viking Twin Otter and autothrottles for the Gulfstream G150, Cessna Citation X and Hawker 800 series. The speed-control system combines low airspeed awareness and stall warning to provide continuous stall trend information using a lift transducer on the lower leading edge of the wing and a stall warning low airspeed awareness computer. By correlating lift with airflow characteristics at the stagnation point of the wing, the lift transducer measures minute changes in angle-of-attack (AoA), represented as an airspeed deviation from a reference AoA. Low airspeed awareness symbols are integrated into the primary flight display or a stand-alone indicator.