MSB Reduces Cost of Galley Inserts

 - January 1, 2012, 1:10 AM
A software app from MSB ensures that galley items will fit precisely, without sending the actual items for sizing.

MSB, a Montreal-based company specializing in high-end aircraft cabin monuments, has a new software application it claims will eliminate the need to send such items as crystal, china and flatware (CCF) to its interior cabinetry shop to design galley storage inserts.

The app comes in the form of a kit that allows the customer to take photographs of the accessories “following strictly defined procedures.” The resulting final three photographs of each item are then sent via a dedicated Web application to MSB. A team of designers and engineers use the the photographs to create the storage inserts, without need to refer to the original items to be stored.

The CCF app also saves time by eliminating the possibility of breakage or lost shipments. “We wanted to simplify the process as much as possible and make location irrelevant, because our customers come from every part of the globe,” said MSB co-president Mario Sévigny.

More recently, MSB was been selected by an as-yet unidentified aircraft manufacturer to provide a newly designed conference table for several of its aircraft models. Sévigny described the single-pedestal, hi-lo table as “possessing exceptional stability, rigidity and ergonomics.” In addition to being “simple and easy to operate,” it is available in both electrical and manual versions.

Delivery of the first tables has already begun and as aircraft production ramps up, MSB expects to deliver from 25 to 35 tables annually.

Still in MSB’s plans is a new technique for polishing the Lexan used in manufacturing crystal supports. Once available, the technique could reduce the time needed to manufacture supports, said Shannon Gilbert, MSB business development director.

MSB is a privately held company specializing in engineering and manufacturing customized interior components for business and private aircraft.