Esterline CMC Receives Certification for CMA-2700

 - January 4, 2012, 2:50 AM
Comparative shot of data from CMC’s CMA-2600 (left) and CMA-2700 EVS sensor.

Transport Canada awarded type certification to Esterline CMC’s CMA-2700 enhanced vision system (EVS) sensor on November 18. The CMA-2700, part of CMC’s SureSight family, is paired with head-up guidance systems made by Rockwell Collins.

The CMA-2700 has four times the resolution of currently certified EVS sensors, according to CMC, “the highest resolution available for an EVS sensor” at 640 by 512 pixels and next-generation 14-bit digital image processing, improved optics and wave band filtering and a 30-degree field of view. The CMA-2700 sensor is a cooled indium antimonide focal plane array, and the cooling mechanism is a sealed Stirling cycle device that requires no maintenance. Weight is 21 pounds. The CMA-2700 is the first EVS that is compliant to Arinc 818 digital video bus standards, according to CMC