Learn More About London’s Olympic Flight Plan

 - February 2, 2012, 2:05 AM
Access to the 2012 London Olympics Restricted Zone, left, requires compliance with a set of rules defined by aircraft type. To enter the Prohibited Zone, right, aircraft must have undergone crew, passenger and baggage screening in accordance with the relevant security program, be inbound to or outbound from Heathrow, London City or RAF Northolt and under the control of those airports or NATS TC or Thames Radar.

The UK CAA will hold a briefing on Olympic Airspace flight planning on Saturday, March 10 in London, in conjunction with the Royal Institute of Navigation (RIN). The event, part of the Airspace and Safety Initiative (www.airspacesafety.com) will be held at the Royal Geographical Society, where the RIN is based. It will feature presentations and a question-and-answer session with participants including representatives from the CAA, NATS and the UK Ministry of Defence. Specifically this will address use of “Atlas Control,” the ATC unit that will control the Restricted Zone, flight planning and interception procedures. A briefing on VFR navigation techniques will also be given to help pilots to avoid inadvertent infringements of the zones.