FAA Grants TSO to Spectralux Dlink+ w/CPDLC

 - April 5, 2012, 3:05 AM

The FAA has issued technical standard order certification (TSO-C113 and –C160) to Spectralux Avionics for its Dlink+ w/CPDLC controller pilot datalink communications system. The new system combines the control display unit, communications management unit and VDL Mode A/2 radio into a cockpit-mounted line-replaceable unit, and it includes interfaces for satcom, cockpit printers and other compatible devices, according to Spectralux. “The Dlink+ w/CPDLC was developed as a cost-effective solution for the Link 2000+ data communications mandate in European airspace,” said Spectralux president Michael Burke. New aircraft flying in European airspace above FL285 were required to meet Link 2000+ as of January 2011 and all aircraft will be due in February 2015.