Lineage 1000 Wins Hot and High OK

 - June 1, 2012, 4:50 AM
Lineage 1000

Embraer recently added hot-and-high approval to an expanding list of operational capabilities of its Lineage 1000.

The high-altitude takeoff and landing operation tests were completed in February with approvals granted in March by both Brazil’s ANAC and the FAA. The certification allows operation at airports as hot and high as La Paz, Bolivia, where the elevation is 13,357 feet msl and the temperature in January, during summer in the southern hemisphere, can top 110-degrees F. The new performance capability will be offered as an option, initially to Brazilian and U.S. operators.

“It is an important milestone since we have made an already operationally flexible aircraft even more flexible,” said Embraer Executive Jets president Ernie Edwards.

The Lineage is the largest business jet operating at Teterboro Airport and can also operate in and out of Aspen-Pitkin Airport in Colorado ski country. Embraer is also seeking approval for the Lineage 1000 to operate at London City Airport, with its 4,948-foot runway and 7.5-degree glideslope requirement.

Embraer promotes the $52.5 million Lineage 1000, a derivative of the Brazilian OEM’s E190 airliner, as a home away from home, emphasizing a foyer entrance, five separate cabin zones, a 14-foot divan facing a 42-inch monitor display, up to three lavatories (two standard), optional shower and double bed. There’s also an optional zone module with three seats, a bar and ice container for up to five one-liter bottles.

The Lineage 1000 has a range of 4,500 nm with four passengers or 4,400 nm with eight passengers (NBAA/IFR fuel reserves). This gives it the ability to fly nonstop in either direction between London and Dubai.