Gore Design Delivers Head-of-State ACJ340

 - June 4, 2012, 12:55 AM

With a fresh supplemental type certificate in hand, Gore Design Completions delivered a completed ACJ340-500 for a head-of-state client in mid-April.

It was the second outfitted private jetliner delivered this year by the San Antonio-based facility. The company handed over a new BBJ3 in January.

Gore president Kathy Gore-Walters describes the big quad-jet as “one of the most beautiful aircraft interiors GDC has ever had the pleasure of building.”

The cabin includes a stateroom suite, six lavatories (two with shower), a conference room seating nine, two executive seating areas, staff seating and a medical facility at the aft end of the cabin. In the passageway, there is a dividing wall to the conference room with optional opaque or transparent glass for privacy at the push of a button.