In The Works: Privateer Industries Privateer

 - June 4, 2012, 1:35 AM

Privateer chairman and CEO John Meekins said he expects his company’s amphibious design to begin taxi testing by the end of the summer. All major subassemblies are complete, according to the company. The single-engine GE (formerly Walter) 601-powered Privateer features separate twin hulls and a low center of gravity that should make the design more stable during water operations. On land, the Privateer offers a tricycle landing gear. To improve propeller efficiency and deliver lower noise levels, the design encloses the propeller in a shroud. The airframe is made of carbon composites, and empty weight is projected at 3,600 pounds, with an mtow of 5,600 pounds. With one pilot, the Privateer will seat five to six passengers. Projected performance specifications include a maximum cruise speed of 215 knots at 15,000 feet, VFR range of 868 nm and takeoff distance of 1,200 feet on water and 960 feet on land. Privateer is still seeking a joint-venture partner “to start certification.”