Interim Improvements in Store for E-Jets

 - July 4, 2012, 4:10 AM

Embraer plans to introduce gradual improvements to its E-Jets over the next three years, including a fuel-burn-improvement package by year-end, before the planned 2018 service entry of re-engined versions of the E175, E190 and E195, known now as the G2 series. Plans call for new winglets and some aerodynamic “clean-up” to achieve a near-term fuel-burn improvement of 5 percent in the E175 and 3 percent in the E190, said Embraer commercial aviation president Paulo Cesar Silva.

Embraer plans to introduce the improvements incrementally on new-build E-Jets at a rate of “one percent next year and more in 2014,” Silva said. Further improvements planned for next year include increased maintenance intervals, as well as structural and prognostics health management. Next, in 2015, Embraer plans unspecified “advanced avionics features” and a new cabin interior, the latter available as a retrofit.