Sagetech Joins ADS-B iPad Arena

 - July 5, 2012, 12:15 AM

Sagetech is now taking orders for the Clarity line of iPad and Windows tablet/PC ADS-B weather (FIS-B) and traffic (TIS-B) receivers. Two of the Clarity receivers include an AHRS that provides pitch and bank information for synthetic vision apps like Hilton Software’s WingX. The hockey puck-size Clarity units come in four models, ranging from two Core data-only units and two Core SV units with AHRS. The basic Core unit ($699) receives on the 978 UAT ADS-B frequency, which is for aircraft flying below 18,000 feet. The Core Dual ($877) receives on both 978 UAT and 1090ES frequencies. The Core SV ($997, 978 UAT only) and Dual SV ($1,117, 978 UAT and 1090ES) include AHRS. The battery-powered Clarity units are equipped with 66-channel Waas GPS receivers, deliver ADS-B traffic data to compatible iPad/tablet apps and communicate via Wi-Fi to keep cockpits clear of wires.