2012 AIN Product Support Survey Part One: Aircraft

 - August 1, 2012, 6:00 AM
Gulfstream holds the number one spot for jets. Mitsubishi retains the top spot for turboprops, with Pilatus taking the top slot for newer turboprops. Bell once again leads among helicopter manufacturers.

The results of this year’s AIN ­Product Support Survey took some interesting turns, but Gulfstream Aerospace once again retains the top spot in the Aircraft Survey, in the combined, newer and older aircraft ratings. The results of the Product Support Avionics Survey will be published in AIN’s September issue, followed by the Engines Survey in the October issue.

Combined Overall Average Ratings of Newer and Older Aircraft

In first place, Gulfstream saw its overall average rating climb this year, to 8.2 from last year’s 8.0, a 2-percent improvement. Embraer’s 13-percent jump to 8.1 from 7.2, the greatest change among all the manufacturers, propelled it to second place. Last year, Embraer received many fewer ratings and came in last. Embraer’s improved performance is likely due to continual improvement of its product support efforts, which is reflected in many positive comments provided by survey takers; the fact that most of its business jets are fairly new and thus under warranty; and an improved response rate now that many more of its business jets are in service. Boeing Business Jet operators helped boost the company’s rating by 4 percent over last year to 8.0 and third place.

Bombardier’s Challengers and Cessna’s Citations tied for fourth place this year at 7.7; Bombardier moved 3 percent higher from sixth place last year, while Cessna dropped 3 percent from second place last year. 

Dassault Falcon saw a 1-percent improvement this year to fifth place. The rating for Gulfstream’s midsize jets dropped 5 percent to sixth place (7.5) this year from third last year (7.9). 

In seventh place are Bombardier’s Globals and Learjets, both with ratings of 7.4 (same as last year for Globals and up 1 percent for Learjets). Hawker Beechcraft moved to the end of the rankings, with a drop of 1 percent to 7.2 for its smaller jets and 3 percent lower to 7.1 for its Hawkers. This may reflect customer uncertainty about the state of the company’s finances as it wends its way through the process of bankruptcy protection and restructuring.

In the turboprop category, the lineup is the same as last year, with Mitsubishi’s MU-2 at number one, although with a 1-percent drop this year to 9.3. (Note: the text of the original article has been corrected to indicate that four, not three, Pilot’s Review of Proficiency seminars were held this year.) Pilatus’s PC-12 also dropped, by 6 percent to 7.4, but remained in second place, followed by Hawker Beechcraft’s King Airs at 7.0.

Above and Beyond

As part of AIN Publication’s annual survey of users of business aviation, we asked qualified subscribers of Aviation International News, our monthly print publication, to identify “specific individuals for going above and beyond when it comes to product/customer support” of aircraft, engines and avionics, and to explain why they deserve special recognition. 

The 1,425 respondents to the 2012 AIN Product Support Survey named more than 200 deserving individuals, too many for us to include in the August issue of Aviation International News. So we have included all of them here on AINonline, listed by company.

To all of you who earned this special recognition from your customers, all of us at AIN Publications offer our heartiest of congratulations! Thank you for going “Above and Beyond” to help keep business aviation flying.

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I must say I was disappointed Embraer was not listed as #1, based on my experience after owning an Embraer Pheom 100 and now an Embraer Phenom 300 there is no possible way a company could support their customers better than Embraer. Ernie Edwards, Edson Carlos Mallaco and Scott Kallister are the most amazing team of people that 100% of the time put the customer first and go above and beyond to make sure the aircraft is 100% dispatch ready with the latest upgrades and SBs with most being covered under warranty. If you do have failure they will fly the part and a team of people in most cases same day to effect repair prior to your next departure. Further the Embraer Phenoms do not have an insanely costly and hard to track doc program based on hours, cycles and time. Very simple to remember, every 600 hours or one year you have annual at a very low cost of a few thousands! This is one of many reasons why I would never consider buying a Hawker/Beech, Cessna or Learjet and choose Embraer.

Wayne Gorsek
Founder & CEO

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