Pentastar Develops iPad Yoke Mount For Bizjets

 - August 2, 2012, 4:20 AM
Pentastar will offer its iPad yoke mount for Gulfstreams first and plans to add new models in the coming months.

Pentastar Aviation’s new iPad yoke mount for business jets allows pilots to view the iPad in landscape or portrait mode. The viewing angle is also adjustable, and the iPad can be stowed above the yoke in portrait mode. Adapted from Pentastar’s electronic flight bag (EFB) yoke mount, the new mount will be available for Gulfstream jets first, followed by other models under an approved model list supplemental type certificate. The Gulfstream mount should ship in the third quarter, and yoke mounts will be available in the fourth quarter and into 2013 for other types, according to Pentastar, including commercial and military aircraft.

The yoke mount includes optional TSO’d power supply, and the mount system will be qualified as a Class 2 EFB installation.

“As we saw customers increasingly switching to the iPad from older-style EFBs, we began working on a mount to accommodate that trend and allow pilots to operate with increased levels of safety, efficiency and awareness,” said Kim Groomes, Pentastar Aviation’s senior inventor and machinist and creator of the mount system.