BizjetMobile App Enables iPhone or iPad Use

 - September 1, 2012, 3:35 AM
The BizjetMobile app allows users to access SMS text and e-mail via an onboard installed Aircell/Iridium system.

BizjetMobile, a new software app from Exec Jet Mobile, allows passengers with Bluetooth and Apple products to use an installed Aircell/Iridium phone to send and receive SMS text and SMS e-mail to and from an iPhone or iPad.

The price tag of $35,000 includes an iPad, the hardware, app and 24/7 tech support. The unlimited text and e-mail plan costs a relatively low $699 a month.

According to Exec Jet Mobile managing member Thomas Lynn, the King Air or Learjet owner who regards the $150,000 to $300,000 installation cost of a Wi-Fi system and subsequent user cost of approximately $3,000 a month as “just a bit steep, will find BizjetMobile an effective solution.”

The unit lends new meaning to the term “portable,” adds Lynn. “All users have to do is go aboard any Aircell/Iridium-equipped airplane, anywhere in the world, plug BizjetMobile into a power outlet and an Aircell/Iridium data port, and they’re good to go.”

Added Lynn, “When the airplane’s landing or taking off and the system is not active, it automatically forwards any text messages for later access by the user.”

At the NBAA Convention next month, Exec Jet Mobile plans to have half a dozen BizjetMobile devices for demonstration on static exhibition aircraft.