Bendix/King Is Back with New Avionics

 - September 3, 2012, 3:35 AM

Bendix/King has released its first new avionics product since the Honeywell division moved to Albuquerque, N.M., and began revitalizing the once-iconic avionics brand under the leadership of president Kevin Gould. The new $2,300 KMA 30 audio panel signals that Bendix/King is serious about new avionics to serve the general aviation market. Features include audio for up to six seats, pilot-controlled distribution of radio, cellphone and entertainment audio to the cockpit and passengers; automatic muting of entertainment audio and isolate mode to ensure the pilot always hears the primary radio; Bluetooth integration with cellphones and portable entertainment devices; and the ability to record and play back recent radio transmissions.

Bendix/King is breaking new ground with the myWingMan iPad navigator app, which is expected to be available on the Apple Store shortly. The new app, available for a 60-day free trial then $99 per year for VFR or $149 for IFR, will offer synthetic vision display and two- or three-way split-screen views. One new view will show an exocentric (external) view of the airplane flying through a synthetic vision landscape. The myWingMan app will work with AHRS devices, ADS-B receivers and the iPad XM weather system from Baron Services.