Jeppesen Cuts Prices on Data Subscriptions

 - September 3, 2012, 3:20 AM

Prices for digital JeppView subscriptions have dropped, under a new program Jeppesen is offering where buyers can opt for two to four installs of the data. Previously JeppView came with four installations or product keys. The new system will save owners and operators about 35 percent when choosing just two installs versus four, according to Jeppesen. The new JeppView pricing structure will be available when Jeppesen releases version 2.0 of its Mobile FliteDeck application, expected at the end of this month. Key new features include own-ship position display on approach charts, weather overlays of Jeppesen weather products (when connected to the Internet), improved nighttime view and note-drawing directly on charts. Jeppesen also announced that its Mobile TC app is now available for Samsung Galaxy Android tablets.