2012 Product Support Survey - Part Three: Engines

 - October 1, 2012, 9:00 AM
GE and Rolls-Royce topple Williams from the top spot among turbofan makers, and Honeywell spools up to take the turboprop/turboshaft crown.

General Electric and Rolls-Royce tie for first place among turbofan manufacturers, each scoring an overall average of 8.0 for the quality of product support they provide their customers. Compared with last year, that score represented an improvement of 5 percent for GE and 1 percent for R-R. Williams took second place with 7.9 overall average (down 4 percent from last year), followed by a tie for fourth place between Honeywell (up 3 percent) and Pratt & Whitney Canada (down 1 percent), each with 7.8, ahead of CFE in fifth place with 7.7 (up 1 percent).

Honeywell leads the turboprop pack with a score of 7.8 (up 3 percent), narrowly edging Pratt & Whitney Canada off the pedestal and into second place with 7.7 (down 1 percent). Turbomeca (up 4 percent) takes third place with 7.3, narrowly ahead of Rolls-Royce (down 5 percent) in fourth.

In both categories of engine, every manufacturer scored in the sevens or eights, suggesting that all are doing a good job, for the most part, keeping their customers flying.

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