Arinc Direct App Lets Passengers Call Via Own Phones

 - December 2, 2012, 1:03 AM

At the NBAA Convention, Arinc Direct unveiled its new ADConnect app for Apple and Android devices, further demonstrating the flexibility and capability of modern smartphones. ADConnect allows passengers to use their smartphones instead of onboard handsets to make satcom calls, all without installing additional equipment. ADConnect costs $9.99 at the Apple App Store or Google Play (Android).

The aircraft operator or flight department can set up ADConnect to restrict users to certain aircraft. During the setup process, the user’s account is populated with the tail numbers of the aircraft that he or she will fly on, and the account is also configured with the necessary authentication for use of the satcom, according to Arinc Direct. Access is available to a variety of satcom systems, including Iridium, Inmarsat Classic and SwiftBroadband, Yonder voice over Internet protocol and Inmarsat streaming Internet protocol, “or any combination of equipment,” the company explained. ADConnect also includes features such as call forwarding, call swapping, merge and split calls and transfer calls, plus the capability for VPN operations. Dual-tone multi-frequency signaling is also available, according to Arinc Direct, “to support automated attendants and other applications requiring touch-tone operations.”

For passengers, the ADConnect app makes calling much simpler because they can access their contacts stored on their smartphones. “This app allows business jet travelers who need to stay connected when they fly to easily reach both business and personal contacts anywhere in the world using their personal smartphone conveniently from the seat of their business aircraft,” said Arinc Direct senior director Bob Richard.

Once the account is set up, beyond buying the app there are no extra fees to use ADConnect. Satcom charges are paid at the normal rate for whatever system is used.

At the NBAA show, Arinc Direct also announced a new partnership with FlightAware. Now Arinc Direct and FlightAware are exchanging flight-tracking information. The partnership allows Arinc Direct customers to view, according to Arinc, “a secure and customized FlightAware interface on Arinc Direct’s website.”