Honda Starts Production of HondaJet

 - December 4, 2012, 4:45 AM

Honda Starts Production of HondaJet

Honda Aircraft has started the production line for its $4.5 million HondaJet entry-level twinjet, the company announced last month at the NBAA Convention. A handful of initial customer aircraft are scheduled to be completed next year, along with aircraft certification. The company is also continuing an aggressive flight-test program at its Greensboro, N.C. campus with six test aircraft that have met major milestones this year, according to Honda Aircraft president Michimasa Fujino. Recent trials include hot fuel testing, fuselage structure temperature validation and GE Honda HF120 powerplant and electrical generator cooling. The fifth conforming flight-test aircraft recently completed power-on electrical testing and will be fitted with a production interior before joining the fleet early next year. Currently, three aircraft are in flight-test, one is being used for ground test, and another for recently completed and successful structural load testing.