DHC-6 Twin Otter Gets a New Lease on Life

 - December 5, 2012, 4:00 AM
Ikhana offers two programs to extend the life of the venerable DHC-6 Twin Otter.

Ikhana is offering a program for the Twin Otter that includes a package of proprietary modifications and enhancements coupled with full maintenance and current inspections. The Twin Otter X2 program uses Ikhana’s RW Martin (RWMI) DHC-6 re-life wing box and re-life fuselage supplemental type certificates as the FAA-approved engineering design basis. Installation of the package authorizes the re-life of time-expired Twin Otters to the new zero-time structural life limits of 66,000 flight hours or 132,000 flight cycles, whichever occurs first.

“The key to the Ikhana Twin Otter X2 is the combination of our STC’d RWMI DHC-6 re-life fuselage with our RWMI re-life wing box to create value from an operator’s unusable timed-out asset,” said John Zublin, president and CEO of Ikhana. “We are essentially providing the Twin Otter with a new birth certificate and a full useful life.”

The new systems are installed along with a customer’s choice of avionics, overhauled or factory-new engines and overhauled or new propellers. After a complete exterior paint stripping, aircraft are delivered with an epoxy primer, seam seal and Dupont Imron epoxy exterior paint and a new interior, based on customer specifications. Ikhana is currently working on three aircraft for delivery next year.