Perrone Extends Royal Leather Line

 - December 5, 2012, 2:10 AM

Perrone Aerospace has unveiled two new “royalty” additions to its array of premium leathers and textiles.

The Fultonville, N.Y.-based company’s new Contessa leather is an extension of Perrone’s successful Royalty leather portfolio. Through a proprietary milling process, Perrone craftsmen have created a luxurious feel with the appearance of a subtle “shrunken” pebble grain.

Perrone can create matching colors, color tipping and unique grains and textures in its new Contessa line. According to president Bill Perrone, a large selection of pre-processed raw material “allows the company to turn around even custom colors within five days.”

The 10-color, Marquis introduction to the textile line has its origins in Italy with a Maquis Epinglé weave that resembles tapestries created for royalty in the 5th through 15th centuries.

Today, this fabric construction is used most frequently in applications that require high durability and is therefore a premier choice for cabinets, storage closets and baggage compartments.