European Charter Operators Unite To Form AirClub Alliance

 - January 3, 2013, 12:22 AM

Eight European operators have combined to form a new charter alliance called AirClub. The partnership, announced on December 12, brings together ACM Air Charter, Air Alsie, Air Hamburg, Corporatejets, Flyinggroup, GlobeAir, Masterjet and PrivatAir. Among them they operate 106 aircraft, covering a wide spectrum of range and payload capabilities, from the Beechcraft King Air to a Boeing 757.

“We will combine the strength, purchasing power and expertise of some of Europe’s leading players within the industry to provide clients with premium service, top aircraft availability and flexibility, as well as the highest possible standard of safety and comfort,” said PrivatAir’s Christian Hatje, who is chairman of AirClub.

The operators say they will retain their independence while collectively aiming to upgrade their customer service and widen the type of service they can offer. From a purchasing point of view, the alliance membership gives them greater strength, particularly in the areas of fuel provision, insurance and spares.

Early next year the operators aim to launch an online booking service. Later, AirClub will look at introducing a jet card to allow customers to book flights with any of the operators.

AirClub claims to be the world’s first international private jet charter alliance. However, Jet Aviation formed a group called Skylliance in 2006. Membership consisted of eight European operators by the time the group was dissolved in 2009 due to decreasing charter demand at the height of the recent economic downturn.