Satcom Direct Does Datalink Via iPad

 - January 4, 2013, 2:30 AM

Satcom Direct recently launched the FlightDeck 360 iPad app, which provides pilots access to airborne datalink communications and real-time flight data. A key benefit of FlightDeck 360 is that operators can use their satcom Internet connections to gain datalink functionality, without needing or having to install a flight management system. According to Satcom direct, FlightDeck 360 users can “access not only messages in flight but also pre-departure clearances, oceanic clearance, flight plans and support documents before powering up the aircraft.” While in flight, the app integrates with apps such as ForeFlight Mobile so pilots can view weather information. The app is free for Satcom Direct FlightDeck Freedom customers. Operators who do not subscribe to FlightDeck Freedom can purchase the app.