Jet Airways Inducts ATR 72-600s

 - January 5, 2013, 5:35 AM

Mumbai-based Jet Airways last month announced the planned induction of five leased ATR 72-600s into its fleet. Scheduled to launch service with the first of the new 68-seat turboprops by the end of last year, Jet Airways said it expects to accept all five Gecas-sourced airplanes by the end of this March. The airline’s domestic expansion strategy centers on serving more so-called Tier II and Tier III destinations, according to Jet Airways COO Sudheer Raghavan.

Separately, the ATR 72-600 and its smaller sibling, the ATR 42-600, gained type certification from Russia’s Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC), allowing for their operation throughout the CIS. IAC certification validates all the major developments of the ATR -600 series, namely its new avionics suite with a full-glass cockpit. More ATRs now operate in the CIS than any other Western turboprop. More than 50 fly with Russia’s UTAir, UTAir-Ukraine, Taimyr’s Nordstar Airlines and Azerbaijan Airlines.