Passenger Comfort Takes A Front Seat

 - January 5, 2013, 4:00 AM

With the growth of the large-cabin market and emphasis on longer, nonstop flights, the private jet market has seen the recent introduction of new passenger seats with a focus on comfort as well as practicality.

Aero Seating Technologies (AST) was at the NBAA Convention in October with three seats from its next-generation line, among them a fully electric seat with wireless iPad controls for seat positioning. Also appealing to comfort was an audio-response massage system and passive cooling technology combined with heating elements.

AST is supplying Embraer with a set of cabin seats and divans for the Lineage 1000. The San Gabriel, Calif.-based company recently completed development of its all-new master class divan. In comes approved for either 9g or 16g and is available in a two-place, three-place or L-shaped configuration. Options include armrest with in-flight entertainment and PCU provisions, in-arm tray table or monitor, and electronic massage. The seat pan includes a self-leveling feature for comfort in either upright or berthing positions.

Italian cabin components specialist Iacobucci recently introduced the VIP Jet Series Double Seat from DesignworksUSA. The seat converts to fully flat for sleep and can rotate to face fore or aft. Features include droppable armrests and a module structure that allows tailoring to specific customer needs. “Sleek, modern design and extra comfort converge seamlessly towards the quintessence of pure Italian seat style,” said a spokesman. The seat is EASA certified. European charter carrier Fly Comlux chose an all-electric version of the Ferentino, Italy-based firm’s new double seat for installation in Hyundai’s corporate Boeing Business Jet.

Iacobucci has delivered a selection of new “chairs” to Altitude Aerospace for installation in a BBJ project. The chairs were designed and developed with different features for the crew rest, VIP and guest areas.

UTC Aerospace Systems (UTAS) was at the NBAA Convention with a prototype of its new executive seat, which the Charlotte, N.C.-based company described as “the latest in style, comfort and technology, including integrated wireless control systems.” Features include a patented environmental control system with heating and cooling and electronic controls for motorized seat function that allows electric recline; leg rest; head rest; lumbar support; tracking and swivel release; floor tracking lock and release. The wireless seat control can be controlled from any personal tablet device and the seat is equipped for wireless charging of an iPhone, iPad or other smart device.

“Today’s executive business travelers are on the road and in airplanes now more than ever,” said interiors business president Daphne Falletti. “They require not only tasteful but also comfortable and user-friendly accommodations, including 24/7/365 connectivity for work and relaxation.”