WingX App Adds SmartTaxi Feature

 - February 4, 2013, 4:45 AM

Hilton Software has released Version 6.9 of the WingX Pro 7 iPad app. New features in the update include SmartTaxi, which highlights in red on the airport diagram the runway that a WingX user is on and nearby runways in yellow. SmartTaxi also displays runway identifiers and runway remaining in real time. The new search-and-rescue grids feature allows pilots to enter parameters for a search, and the app will generate and display a search pattern, or WingX can do this automatically for an optimal search pattern for a grid cell, according to Hilton Software. The search pattern can be displayed on one of WingX’s split screens. WingX Pro 7 now supports the newly available Dual Electronics XGPS170 ADS-B receiver ($799), which provides free weather and traffic information.